The encounter of two dimensions that meet and intersect to generate something entirely original: the graphic languages of TECHNOLOGY melded with the spirit of GYPSY FOLK.

Ordered rationality is fused with tradition and passion, color and folklore.

The graphics of electrical circuits inspire and spark captivating and colorful symbols and lines. They map out multi-colored perimeters for the new FELINA MULTILINES: a circuit of colored lines that underscore its unique shape. Metallized leather in electric hues stars in the new MINI ANGEL, the MINI GABRIA vanity-case style bag and the little clutch bags NINA and FELINA.

The new macro-weave of multicoloured leather inspired by Techno Folk interprets to perfection the purity of the shapes of the ELENA GHISELLINI bags

SENSUA leather is presented in the spanking new palette of special bright and neutral shades where the contrast colour ribs delineate the shapes, defining electric contours as if there were a beam of LED lighting all around the edge of the bag.

And then a touch of Folk and Gypsy in the shape of the new LOLITA dolls to be knotted onto the bags, presented in multicolour version and also in summer kit with details in fringed linen. Lucky charms!

New entries in the collection are the COSMO and COSMICA styles, roomy north/south and east/west totes, with handles and detachable shoulder strap. These calfskin bags are a must for city daywear and also perfect for week ends and holidays, showcasing the hallmark feature of the adjustable zipper on the front.

A warm welcome to Juno: a folk chic shoulder bag for daywear and holidays.

Eclipse is the new ultra-chic style with a small flap complete with pocket and an adjustable chain shoulder strap: a synthesis of Elena Ghisellini purity and style, it comes in all the colors of the collection and also in the variant Color Block.